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Order your Packed Breakfast or Lunch

We are fully vegan and love it. If you need packed breakfast or lunch to take with you on your Iceland adventure, we make it for you with smile on our face.

Orders have to be made before 6PM the day before pick up.

Packed Breakfast lunch is coffee, sandwich with cream cheese and toufurky, yogurt with fruit or berries and muesli and orange or apple juice.  Price: 3868 krónur

For Packed lunch we do rich salad, sandwich with hummus, pesto and bell pepper, canned soda or sparkling water and a chocolate chip cookie. Price: 4085 Krónur

You can also check our menu at our website here: and order whatever you like to take with you on your trip in Iceland. Just give us a heads up in advance so we can have it ready for you when you arrive to pick it up. send orders to or call us at +354-6993141

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